Hotline will offer a direct, easily accessible and responsible point of contact for users to report illegal content or actions. Hotline services will continue existing work, providing appropriate handling of information from the public related to illegal reports and data on illegal child sexual abuse material, racism and xenophobia.

Hotline will be ran by qualified trained operators who will be able to “undertake a preliminary assessment of the legality of the content reported and trace its origin, and forward the report to the body for action, including systematic notice to the host provider of content assessed as child pornography and monitoring of the take-down”. Operators should also be able to forward suspicions of illegal content for further assessment, as well as to advice to forward a report to the Helpline if more appropriate.

Hotline will be accessible using a personal computer, a mobile device or a telephone. The Hotline operators will process the reports in the most effective way with the support of Case Management Platform and Tools (CMPT) and will take the appropriate actions.

Users of the Hotline will be informed of their report outcome, as soon as possible. Users can remain anonymous if they so wish. Users' personal data is strictly confidential. The operating guidelines will be in compliance with national law and a manual of procedures will be prepared in cooperation with OCCCP.

Hotline will cooperate with the network of hotlines and use and connect to the technical infrastructure provided by the EU core service platform. Qualitative and quantitative reporting will be given to relevant bodies. Users' personal data will remain confidential. The Hotline operators will refer the users to the Helpline and/or awareness portal for safety tips.


Telephone 1480

Mon. - Fri., 09:00-13:00 & 15:00-18:00
Saturday, 10:00-13:00


Discuss with an operator using messages
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