Activities of the action

1 Awareness MOEC ALL Awareness will be the core of all the Action Activities. It aims to create a culture among children, parents and teachers to take advantage of the affordances of the Internet with safe, responsible and ethical use. Awareness will continue the existing work that is taking place in Cyprus, update and enrich the digital content and resources, enhance existing services and tools and extend collaborations and synergies among stakeholders. For this period, Awareness will particularly focus at content level on cyberbullying and the digital footprint, and at target group level on children and young people from different demographic groups and parents. This focus will not undervalue any other aspects of the awareness activity. Effort will be put on collaborations within Cyprus, the EU services, and the Greek key players to share resources and services in the Greek language.
2 Helpline CNTI MOEC, UCY The Helpline Activity is targeted to children, adolescents, and their families, providing advice and support on issues related to the safe, responsible and ethical use of the internet. The Helpline services will continue the existing work providing one-to-one conversations online and on telephone by trained qualified helpers/supporters. The Helpline partner leader will ensure that operating guidelines are in compliance with national law, including data protection rules and that reporting mechanisms are interoperable both with the core platform and with reporting via service providers such as Social Networking Services. Communication with the relevant bodies/commissioners in Cyprus will be established so as to ensure the right procedures. Qualitative and quantitative reporting will be given to relevant bodies. Users' personal data is strictly confidential. The operation of the Helpline will be interwoven with the Awareness aspect and activities of the project.
3 Hotline CNTI MOEC, OCCCP Hotline will offer a direct, easily accessible and responsible point of contact for users to report illegal content or actions. Hotline services will continue existing work, providing appropriate handling of information from the public related to illegal reports and data on illegal child sexual abuse material, racism and xenophobia. Hotline will be ran by qualified trained operators who will be able to undertake a preliminary assessment of the legality of the content reported, and forward the report to the body for action. Operators should also be able to forward suspicions of illegal content for further assessment, as well as to advice to forward a report to the Helpline if more appropriate. Hotline will be accessible using a personal computer, a mobile device or a telephone. The Hotline operators will process the reports in the most effective way with the support of Case Management Platform and Tools (CMPT) (ref. A.4.) and will take the appropriate actions. Users of the Hotline will be informed of their report outcome, as soon as possible. Users can remain anonymous if they so wish. Users' personal data is strictly confidential.The operating guidelines will be in compliance with national law and a manual of procedures will be prepared in cooperation with OCCCP. Hotline will cooperate with the network of hotlines and use and connect to the technical infrastructure provided by the EU core service platform. Qualitative and quantitative reporting will be given to relevant bodies. Users' personal data will remain confidential. The Hotline operators will refer the users to the Helpline and/or awareness portal for safety tips.
4 Case Management Platform and Tools (CMPT) UCY MOEC This Activity will be led by UCY while MOEC will be an essential partner. This web based administration software platform, Case Management Platform and Tools (CMPT), will build upon other existing open software components in order to help the management and reporting of helpline and hotline cases. CMPT will record essential data for each case, administer cases accordingly, monitor cases status and report on data analytics. It is expected to enhance the effective handling of cases of both the helpline and hotline while allowing the operators to always have easy access to the data needed and updated reports on the case status. The reporting will be consistent with the EU core service platforms and compatible with the data formats. It will be created with user information anonymity and security in mind. Security of data will be ensured through technical expertise and supervision of relevant bodies. 
5 Project Management and Evaluation MOEC ALL Project management, led by MOEC, aims to ensure that objectives of the project are met according to the deadlines and at high quality standards. All partners will be involved in all activities while for each activity there will be one or two leading partners. All partners have at least one task to lead. MOEC as the project coordinator will be an essential partner in all activities so as to maintain an overview of the whole project and be able to tune project progress towards to its overall objectives. Project management will aim to provide a flexible management structure among the consortium so as to provide the cultivation of discussions, initiatives and creative ideas for the implementation of the work plan. This approach will not eliminate the responsibilities towards the proposed work plan, which has time-phased events, milestones and outputs. All project partners have a long standing and successful experience of participating in European and research projects, and most of the partners have been working together in previous projects and committees, which can enhance fluent communication and collaboration within the consortium. To assure the best information and communication flow among the partners of the Consortium, an online collaborative environment will be used. This safe environment will host all project documents and deliverables. Finally, through the semi-annual reporting scheme to be followed, a closer monitoring of the progress of the project will be achieved. At the same time partners will need to share and review all the project deliverables for internal feedback. Towards the end of the project an evaluation survey will be conducted to measure the impact of the action.
6 Dissemination and Exploitation MOEC OCECPR The activity will be led by MOEC with OCECPR as an essential partner. All other partners are expected to be actively involved. This activity aims to ensure the appropriate dissemination of project results to the appropriate audience. It also aims to define an exploitation plan of the project at National, European and International level. It is expected to promote the sustainability and exploitation of the Action within the Cyprus national strategy.